Demontable gulvløsninger

Her finder du vores udvalg af demontable massive trægulve, der består af præ-fabrikerede letvægtselementer, der hurtigt kan samles og demonteres igen. Den type gulve er specielt velegnet til midlertidigt brug, f.eks. til sportsgrene med behov for specielle linjemarkeringer, opsætning over skøjtebaner, eller ikke sportslige begivenheder som koncertarrangementer.

Junckers Portable floor solutions

Junckers Portable floor solutions match 100% the high quality standards of a fixed floor and are for that reason a really good choice, when a floor for temporary use is required. 

The floor systems are categorised as area elastic according to EN14904 and therefore have premium sport performance properties. An area-elastic sports floor allows optimal freedom of movement, it supports the game and protects the player against injury.

For arenas and halls playing host to a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting events, Junckers Portable Floor Systems provide an outstanding flexibility.

Extended function of an ice rink and also for sports with requirements of special line-markings.

Wood species and grades

Beech SylvaSport Premium

One of Junckers’ classic floors. A beautiful light-coloured timber with a warm, golden grain pattern.

Maple Champion

Maple has a very uniform and gentle grain pattern and the natural light colour provides a very exclusively looking floor.

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