The Draft Sports Complex, Southern California



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4300 m2


Norman Sports Floors





The Draft Sports Complex is an enormous 47,000 SF facility, with 9 full basketball courts and 9 volleyball courts.  Unfortunately, the owners originally purchased a rolled synthetic floor for their first playing surface.  After only a few short years, they regretted this decision. The synthetic floor did not provide the level of performance they had hoped, and it was starting to fail.  Along with peaked seams, air bubbles were popping up, and both effected the playability, ball bounce and appearance of the floor.   

As the performance of The Draft’s synthetic floor declined, so did their revenue stream.  The Draft’s customers were starting to choose other venues, with better performing floors, for both court rentals and tournaments.  The owners needed to upgrade their facility in order to re-attract their customers and stay in business. 

The owners wanted to “do it right” this time. They knew they needed to invest in a hardwood floor system, which could provide the best performance and aesthetics possible, i.e., the gold standard playing surface for both basketball and volleyball.  

Since their first floor failed, the owners were especially thorough in researching the best hardwood products and systems.  During their search, Junckers became especially attractive for several reasons.  First, the entire floor replacement needed to be completed in a 6-week window.  Since Junckers does not require on site acclimation and was prefinished, Junckers could meet their fast-track schedule. Second, They wanted minimal disruption to their on going business. To accomplish this, Norman Sports Floors agreed to divide the massive area, into three separate 55’ x 300’ working sections. Each of the three areas were able to be completed, start-to-finish, one at a time, allowing the owners to stay open and use 2/3 of the facility at all times.  Third, The owners needed this process to happen quickly. With local inventory, Junckers was in position to start the installation within a few weeks of the decision being made.

To achieve the best performance possible, the owners selected Junckers UnoBat 45 System, which is exceeds DIN, FIBA, and EN Testing Standards.  As an added benefit, the UnoBat 45 System could be installed right over the existing floor, which also saved the time and expense of having to remove and dispose of the synthetic floor.    

In just 6 weeks, the entire 47,000 SF floor was completed and ready for use.  The Draft Sports Complex was able to stay open for business every day during the upgrade process. 

The athletes and coaches using the floor, are over-the-top impressed with the comfort and performance of the new floor system.    The owners love the appearance of a genuine solid hardwood floor, and are now able to attract higher level players and more tournaments.  The Junckers floor generates more revenue for The Draft, which will pay for the upgrade in a relatively short period of time.